Monday, April 19, 2010

Kerry Vs. The Volcano.

For those of you who attended the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Kerry was all set to attend the screening (he even translated a little introduction into French so that he could introduce the movie to our fans overseas).

Unfortunately, that volcano in Iceland that erupted ash and grit over the weekend kept a lot of travelers from leaving or getting into Brussels, so Kerry was unfortunately not able to find a flight that could travel through those conditions.

While The Revenant Team wanted to make an appearance this past weekend, unfortunately, Mother Nature just had other plans for us. Those who did get a chance to see the movie, we hope you enjoyed it all the same, and you are welcome to share your impressions with us (We'd love to hear them).

It takes a lot to keep a good undead buddy flick down, you know.

- The Revenant

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