Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Revenant's Official News Feed.

And... this is the place.

While we will still be updating all of our social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, Zombie Friends), this has now been added to The Revenant's main content page as the official and main news feed for all of our events, updates and happenings.

We'll be updating important info. regarding Zompire and CineVegas here as we get closer to screening time. That's also going to mean more things like poster art, trailers, etc. to keep people informed about The Revenant.

The production team is still working hard to perfect the audio and special FX for our next screenings, so for those who attended Xanadu, we'll have an even cleaner print to show off at our next screenings.

Keep checking back with us for more updates!

- The Revenant

Additionally, our Zompire preview page is here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Trailer and Site Front End.

Alright, we know you guys have been wanting to see more of The Revenant, and if you weren't able to make it to Xanadu, you've been a little starved for cool, new footage.

Because we love you guys, we have a new front end for our site that has... a NEW trailer!

The brand-new front end and trailer.

In addition to a very kick-ass trailer, we have an awesome animated front end, which will give an indication of the direction that the rest of the site will be going. Those changes are coming in the very near future as we get everything ready to be uploaded and posted.

Well, what do you think? We're giving you all these new updates, so talk back to us! We want to start chatting with more of you cool folk, and we know you're out there reading the sites, wearing the shirts, and waiting until our next premiere.

So who will be attending Zompire?

- The Revenant

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Revenant Attends CineVegas.

Remember that "secret" announcement that I touched upon for a few entries now but couldn't talk about? Of course you do.

Well the good news is (considering you've disregarded our headline) is that we can finally make the announcement that The Revenant is attending CineVegas in June!

We've been invited to screen our film in their "Area 52" category, self-described as "An underground collection of cult and midnight movies for the most hardcore fans".

We'll let you know more about the screenings once we confirm the show times and the venue location, but this will be our third opportunity to connect with our fans in the past few months, so we're looking forward to meeting all those who attend. Who knows where we'll end up next?

- The Revenant

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Revenant Attends Zompire Film Festival.

Busy news day!

We can also announce that The Revenant will be attending the Zompire Undead Film Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Our time is Saturday, May 16 at 9:00 P.M. at the Hollywood Theatre - The schedule is here.

We're still going strong, and we still have a major update coming soon that I can't go into specifics just yet, but you'll know when I can.

- The Revenant

The Revenant Wins "Best Feature Film 2009" At Xanadu!

"Joey's going to Vegas!"

For those who attended Xanadu Las Vegas this year may have seen a little film titled The Revenant place 1st in the "Best Feature Film 2009" during the closing ceremonies yesterday afternoon. Kerry Prior accepted the award as fans of the film and members of The Revenant team enthusiastically cheered the Director/Writer/Producer on. It's our first award, and we certainly don't aim to make it our only one!

The rest of the convention went well, with a Friday night premiere of the film in the "Pleasure Dome" room. Fans had a chance to chat with Chris Wylde before the show, handing out free autographed shirts and 8X10 photos. He was later joined by David Anders and the rest of The Revenant crew to attend the screening, which was met to a lot of enthusiastic fan response. We hope you got your photo op or autograph of the guys during the show!

It wasn't long before the rest of the show slowly became a sea of Bart and Joey heads on their T-Shirts as our merchandise swept through the crowd like a revenant infection of its own. Plenty of new fans and friends to talk to, and of course, our great award made the convention an experience to remember.

We'd like to thank Scott Anderson for allowing us to take part in his convention, Chris and David for their appearance and participation, our booth neighbor Nic Brown for being an all-around cool guy alongside Tucky Williams, the panel judges, and of course, you, our fans, for being such an important part of everything we do here. Hearing you guys cheer for our film, laugh during the funny parts, and gasp during the gross parts is an award in itself.

- The Revenant

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Look At Xanadu's Revenant Merchandise.

Here it is: Our one of a kind collectible that will be found only at Xanadu Las Vegas.

The Revenant T-Shirts!

Your choice of Bart or Joey's head on front, with the distinctive "The Revenant" logo on back. If you've ever wanted to proudly sport the disembodied heads of the undead on your person, then this shirt was made just for you!

Swing by our booth for a chance to buy one of these ghoulish beauties. Supplies are limited (that's why they're called "collectible", you know).

- The Revenant

New Screening Time For The Revenant At Xanadu.


Here are the new details:

The film will be screening at "The Pleasure Dome" at approximately 9 P.M.

Before the film, there will be a "Fashion-X" fashion show that will be starting at 7:30 P.M. - Visitors can expect plenty of hotness abound from the featured model, lots of partying and the expected good time.

Once the fashion show wraps, however, The Revenant will be screening right after at approximately 9 P.M. so for our fans wanting to attend this screening, it would be in your best interest to arrive early, catch a great show, then catch our great show.

Here is Friday's official Xanadu schedule for full details.

See you there!

- The Revenant

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Revenant Merchandise At Xanadu.

You can't have a horror film make an appearance at a sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention without offering some first run collectables, can you?

That's what we thought as well, so we are pleased to announce that we'll have a few small treats for our fans at Xanadu this upcoming weekend. We'll unveil what we'll have for the the very first official collector's items for The Revenant. Exclusive to Xanadu, and available nowhere else.

Can we offer a tease of what to expect? Perhaps later in the week, we'll post some images here, so keep an eye out here at the blog. With David and chris in attendance, who knows what sort of deal we'll offer?

(No, we won't be offering dates with the guys, sorry.)

- The Revenant

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Revenant Production Update.

With Xanadu coming up so quickly, the production is hard at work getting ready for the show. It's the usual show preparation: Getting the booth set up, press kits, freebies for the fans (yes, we're working on getting free swag ready for you guys), and David and Chris are still ready to make an appearance, sign autographs, and be rock stars in general.

The Revenant is set to show at Xanadu on Friday, April 17 at 11 P.M. - so keep your schedules open.

Production is still going steadily, and we get closer and closer to completion, with a few more small scenes being filmed, getting the soundtrack in place, and general edits and FX work. The cut shown at Xanadu will still be a "Work In Progress" cut. While the version shown will definitely be a viewable version e are continuing to work on polishing up the film and showing that work at future festivals.

We'll have some new artwork to show and another website revision to show off very soon. Thanks for sticking with us, and for your continued support.

- The Revenant

Thursday, April 2, 2009

UPDATE: David Anders and Chris Wylde Attending Xanadu Las Vegas.

In the most recent and up to date news, we are now pleased to announce that David Anders (Bart) and Chris Wylde (Joey) will be attending Xanadu Las Vegas to meet fans and sign autographs.

Further details, times and dates will be forthcoming, but we wanted to get this big news out there for fans wanting to meet the stars of The Revenant.

Keep checking back to our blogs, networking sites, and main site for more details.

- The Revenant

The New Website and More.

We've been hard at work over here, and are pleased to announce the latest version of our official site. We've now broken the site into sections, released more technical info on the film, and even provided one of Joey's recipes bound to cure even the most heinous of hangovers.

You'll actually see this culinary concoction make its cinematic debut in the film in all of its sobriety inducing glory. We have to ask: Have any of you tried making this yet? If there's enough interest or creative enough attempts to create this meal (feel free to send us a video), we may have some fun with this down the line and offer a little something to one of the most creative presentation (Bonus points to those who go the "express" route and toss this one in the blender). So what are you waiting for? Get cooking!

We've also been keeping pretty busy on the film festival front. There's our Xanadu page, so you can get all of our information there for the festival. We are going to be part of another BIG film festival, but we can't talk about that yet. You'll just have to wait for the official announcement.

Please drop us a line to let us know how the new site is working for you, and as always, we look forward to hearing from our fans.

-The Revenant