Monday, April 20, 2009

The Revenant Wins "Best Feature Film 2009" At Xanadu!

"Joey's going to Vegas!"

For those who attended Xanadu Las Vegas this year may have seen a little film titled The Revenant place 1st in the "Best Feature Film 2009" during the closing ceremonies yesterday afternoon. Kerry Prior accepted the award as fans of the film and members of The Revenant team enthusiastically cheered the Director/Writer/Producer on. It's our first award, and we certainly don't aim to make it our only one!

The rest of the convention went well, with a Friday night premiere of the film in the "Pleasure Dome" room. Fans had a chance to chat with Chris Wylde before the show, handing out free autographed shirts and 8X10 photos. He was later joined by David Anders and the rest of The Revenant crew to attend the screening, which was met to a lot of enthusiastic fan response. We hope you got your photo op or autograph of the guys during the show!

It wasn't long before the rest of the show slowly became a sea of Bart and Joey heads on their T-Shirts as our merchandise swept through the crowd like a revenant infection of its own. Plenty of new fans and friends to talk to, and of course, our great award made the convention an experience to remember.

We'd like to thank Scott Anderson for allowing us to take part in his convention, Chris and David for their appearance and participation, our booth neighbor Nic Brown for being an all-around cool guy alongside Tucky Williams, the panel judges, and of course, you, our fans, for being such an important part of everything we do here. Hearing you guys cheer for our film, laugh during the funny parts, and gasp during the gross parts is an award in itself.

- The Revenant

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