Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Revenant's MySpace Gets Over 1,000 Members!

It seems that word of mouth and exposure has been good for The Revenant of late, as our MySpace profile proudly has over 1,000 members who are now fans.

We'd like to thank everyone in the film and horror communities for their macabre interest in The Revenant. Please show your support by joining up with our profile, as well as our Facebook page and our Zombie Friends page. The more support that we are able to show means that we can show potential investors/distributors that people love our film.

We're still hoping to bring a Fall theatrical release! Keep your coffins crossed!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Previous Awards And Festival Selections.

Want to know where The Revenant has already made its impact? To share the number of awards and festival selections that the film has accumulated thus far, we thought we'd share this list to see where we've been, and where we are going.

Since its debut on the film festival circuit, The Revenant has won the following awards:

* Xanadu Sci Fi and Horror Convention 2009: “Best Feature Film”
* Zompire, The Undead Film Festival 2009: “Best Feature,” “Best Director” Kerry Prior; “Audience Award”
* CineVegas 2009: “Audience Award, Best Narrative Feature”
* Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2009: “Feature Film, Silver”
* Fantastic Fest 2009: “Best Director,” Kerry Prior; “Audience Award (4th Place)"
* ScreamFest, Los Angeles 2009: “Best Make Up,” “Best Special FX”
* Vampire Film Festival, New Orleans 2009: “Outstanding Vampire Film” (1st Place)
* Falstaff International Film Festival 2009: “Best of the Festival Award”
* NYC Horror Film Festival 2009: “Best Picture,” Kerry Prior; “Best Director,” “Best Actor” (Tie: Chris Wylde, and David Anders), “Audience Choice”
* Omaha Film Festival 2010: "Best Off the Edge Film"
* A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2010: "Best Film", Best Director" (Kerry Prior)

The film was also an "Official Selection" of the following film festivals:

* Sitges 42nd International Film Festival 2009: Official Selection (10/09)
* Chicago International Film Festival 2009: Official Selection (10/09)
* Grimm Up North- UK 2009: Official Selection: (10/09)
* Mar Del Plata International Film Festival 2009: Official Selection (11/09)
* Leeds International Film Festival - UK 2009: Official Selection (11/09)
* Starz Denver International Film Festival 2009: Official Selection (11/09)
* Stockholm International Film Festival 2009: Official Selection (11/09)

- The Revenant

Fangoria Reviews The Revenant.

We've gotten a great 4 skull review of The Revenant, courtesy of Chris Alexander at Fangoria Magazine!

Among the highlights, we got a great closing comment: "Please, God, let some savvy distributor pick this thing up and make sure it gets a theatrical run. It’s the toughest, scrappiest, most satisfying and amusing horror film I’ve seen all year, full stop."

Thanks to our friends at Fangoria, and we hope that we'll be able to deliver some good news on that in the near future.

- The Revenant

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Revenant At Fantasia Fest In Montreal.

The Revenant has been accepted at Fantasia Fest in Montreal!

The Festival will be running from July 8 to July 28, and we will be listing the screening times as we get closer to the festival's actual date.

Keep checking back with us for more details on this and other upcoming festivals that we have lined up for the next few months. We may be coming to your area soon!

- The Revenant

Classic Coverage: Toronto After Dark.

A video from last Summer's Toronto After Dark Film Festival:

- The Revenant

Happy Belated Birthday!

To The Revenant's own Sarah over the weekend. Hope it was a good turnout, regardless of whether you got a pinata this year or not!

- The Revenant

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Zombie Friends Unite!

Have you visited our profile over at Zombie Friends.Com?

It's our social networking profile that focuses on the horror genre, with emphasis on zombies, vampires and the undead in general. Considering that a revenant is a little bit of all that already, it's been a perfect match and a welcome home for us for over a year now.

With a 1,500+ (and growing) member base, we're always looking to meet new horror fans that would like a fresh take from our horror/comedy, so drop by and add us!

- The Revenant

Friday, May 7, 2010

Classic Reviews: JoBlo.Com

Digging through the internet archives, we were made aware of another positive review of the film. 9/10 is a much appreciated review, so thank you to our friends at JoBlo.Com!

- The Revenant

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Facebook Page: "Like" Vs. "Become A Fan".

Just so that our Facebook fans know, Facebook has done this new thing where they have changed the wording to "Become A Fan" to "Like" when you want to join up with a movie related (or any other fan group).

While I'm guessing they wanted the wording to sound less... committed(?) when it comes to expressing interest in a page, it still does the exact same thing, and you will still join and become a member of our page.

We hope this clears up any confusion that our readers may have had in wanting to become a part of our Facebook page.

- The Revenant

Film Industry Bloggers Reviews The Revenant.

Our friends over at the Film Industry Bloggers posted this great review of The Revenant after our last Australian visit.

You can read the review here.

- The Revenant

Screening Tomorrow At William Morris Endeavor.

There will be a screening tomorrow at the William Morris Endeavor in Los Angeles on Tuesday, May 4, 2010.

This is an industry only screening by invite only. Hope to see our guests there!

- The Revenant

Fangoria #293 On Newsstands Now!

Just a friendly reminder that Fangoria #293 is at your local newsstand now, with a little feature on your favorite undead buddy flick, The Revenant.

Thanks to our friends at Fangoria, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

- The Revenant

The Revenant Takes Home New Awards!

Kerry just got back from Sydney, Australia this past week after a very busy screening of The Revenant at A Night of Horror International Film Festival. The screening went very well, wowing our Australian friends and fans enough to bring home the awards "Best Director" and "Best Film".

We'd like to thank Lisa Mitchell and Dean Bertram for their gracious support, and just an overall fantastic time at the festival.

- The Revenant