Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Revenant Merchandise At Xanadu.

You can't have a horror film make an appearance at a sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention without offering some first run collectables, can you?

That's what we thought as well, so we are pleased to announce that we'll have a few small treats for our fans at Xanadu this upcoming weekend. We'll unveil what we'll have for the the very first official collector's items for The Revenant. Exclusive to Xanadu, and available nowhere else.

Can we offer a tease of what to expect? Perhaps later in the week, we'll post some images here, so keep an eye out here at the blog. With David and chris in attendance, who knows what sort of deal we'll offer?

(No, we won't be offering dates with the guys, sorry.)

- The Revenant

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