Monday, April 19, 2010

Join Our Official Facebook Page!

We're looking to get 1,000 fans on The Revenant's Official Facebook Page by the end of this week. We are currently at 383 fans. We really need and appreciate the support right now, as we are trying to show our investors and distributors that yes, we have a dedicated fanbase, and this can help us to get picked up and distributed for a Fall 2010 theatrical release. We're asking each of our fans to recommend our site to at least 10 (or more) of their friends. We'll even make it more interesting.

Those who can show us how many friends they've actually gotten to join, we have cool prizes such as matching Bart and Joey T-shirts or Chris Wylde autographs to give out to the most dedicated and hardest working fans. We're still working out the details, but we want to see how "hardcore" our true fans can be in spreading the news!

Do it, or we'll send zombies to your house to eat you (or not eat you, depending on your preference).

- The Revenant

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