Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wikipedia Entry and Fan Buzz.

As we get closer to Zompire this weekend, we've been busily updating our information. Portland, Oregon, here we come!

For starters, we are now found on Wikipedia with our own entry. The entry provides a little more information on the characters and technical aspects of the film, so check it out.

Also, we've been getting some great feedback from our fans, festival sponsors and friends, so we thought we'd share some of the excitement and postive feedback people have been saying about the film.

Again, The Revenant Team thanks all of our fans for their incredibly enthusiastic support. It's reading comment like these that lets us know that we're continuing to take The Revenant in the right direction, and more importantly, we're providing some entertainment that people genuinely enjoy. So again, "thank you" from all of us for your continued goodwill towards the project.

- The Revenant

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