Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Photos And Updates.

We've gotten this week's pictures up for our friends and fans to look through. We didn't post as many this time as we are preparing some exclusives for some interviews we have in the works, but we have a few behind the scenes pics to enjoy.

The usual haunts: Facebook, MySpace and Zombie Friends pages.

Keep in mind that these are all basically "behind the scenes" photos. Many of these pictures do not have the full color correction, FX work, microphones are in some scenes, well, you get the picture. We're still working!

We are proud of the cast and crew who contributed to the film, and we wanted to share that story. As for the finished pictures, keep an eye out for the interviews coming soon (but there are a few on Horroryearbook.Com), and when the film is completed.

We also have an ad banner floating around on Zombie Friends, so check it out next time you're browsing the legions of the undead.

-The Revenant

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