Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Post For The New Blog.

Welcome to the first official post of the new and improved blog for The Revenant. There was an older "official" blog floating around the internet, but we decided to update with all of the new information here.

So what is new for long-time Revenant fans? We have done a substantial update to the official site this past week. There is new information on the actors, some articles, links to all of our networking sites, and a few graphic updates here and there. There will be even more updates coming soon, and a better design interface, but we wanted to get all of the new information out there is an easy to follow format until our updated site arises from the grave to feed hungry fans with new and bloody information.

The film itself is currently in post-production. In other words, they are still fixing up all the shots, adding in special effects, and all of that other exciting film stuff. Actually shooting a movie is only about half the work. There's a whole new challenge in actually making it into the finished product you see on screen. We did an internal screening this week to check the proress, and there is plenty of guts, guns, gore, and dark humor abound.

As for our fans, both new and old, we want to hear what you think, and what you would like to see from our growing network. We're eager to get involved with the fans of the horror and undead community, so don't be shy, or let a mouth sewn shut stop you from speaking up to us. We've also joined Zombie Friends this past week, so feel free to friend us there, in addition to our MySpace and Facebook profiles.

That's all for this update, but keep checking back with us. The Revenant is set to release in Fall of 2009, so we'll continue to update more as that time comes.

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